Monthly Archives: June 2017

Receiver First IF Stage

I started the build of the receiver first IF stage today, etched the PCB, drilled it and started assembly – how quickly 5 hours goes. The most time consuming part for me was the drilling, however this is an art I have mastered by using a magnified lamp and lots of patience. Just need to… Read More »

Transceiver Control Unit

First stages of the control unit for the SSB transceiver are complete, most of the IO is wired to the front panel connectors and some still needs mapping out but this will evolve over the course of the project. For now it is communicating with the DDS unit and serial communication back to the development… Read More »

DIY PCB Cutting tool

Having tried various methods with mixed results, I have found a method that works very well that allows clean, accurate cutting of PCB material. Tin snips caused more damage than good, a scoring tool/craft knife took too long and the end result was always hit and miss besides the risk of slipping and damaging the PCB… Read More »