Monthly Archives: July 2017

Improved PCB Manufacture

Having had some inspiration from another Radio HAM, G0SLV, on an improved toner transfer method I invested in a new heat press to make the toner transfer process more successful than previous attempts using a normal household iron. The iron method was always hit and miss – sometimes I got lucky, other times not so… Read More »

AD603 Thoughts

Having done some research in to the AD603 which which was drawn to my attention by G6LBQ, I found a supplier who offers free next day delivery – RS Components for the sum of £9.60 each plus VAT. I will put together a breadboard lash up of the AD603 circuit published in the EI9GQ “Building… Read More »

First IF Stage testing and debugging

Following the assembly of the first IF stage PCB I began testing and as expected it did not work. The first set of bugs turned out to be the FET’s were in the wrong way, I placed them according to the legend in my PCB software but the device legend was incorrect – thankfully no… Read More »