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Tandy is back

I was looking for a local supplier of the Adafruit SI5351 clock generator module and I was surprised to find a link to Tandy, brought back memories from my childhood spending hours gazing at all of the unaffordable gadgets and components, wondering what i could buy with my paper round money. Here is a link… Read More »

Amateur Radio Software

Impedance matching transformer calculator Please feel free to download this software and use it to aid designing toroidal and multi-aperture core transformers for matching Crystal Filters and interstage coupling transformers. The software is provided as-is with no warranty, please feel free to distribute the software to others however please make sure you give me credit… Read More »

Time for reflection

Sitting in Newcastle airport for my business trip to Ireland writing this article reflecting on what I have achieved so far with the homebrew SSB transceiver, so much inspiration from other like-minded HAM’s around the world such as Pete Juliano N6QW, Andy G6LBQ, Dave G4AON to name but a few – I could go on… Read More »

Puerto Rico disaster gets Amateur Radio communications support

Great to see the value being noted in the power of Amateur Radio, a quote from the article below; “People tend to think of (amateur radio) as a dying hobby. In fact, we’ve never had more (hams),” Gallagher said putting the number at 750,000 with an additional 30,000 every year.” Great work guys.

Note to spammers

Guys, please don’t waste your time posting spam’ish comments about viagra, dodgy money deals and communist political campaigns – they will never appear on this site as each and every comment is moderated and requires my personal approval. 🙂  

New domain

I have added a new domain to my web server host, this is more inline with the function of this website. Thew new address is: however all the old links from should still work and will be redirected.

Improved PCB Manufacture

Having had some inspiration from another Radio HAM, G0SLV, on an improved toner transfer method I invested in a new heat press to make the toner transfer process more successful than previous attempts using a normal household iron. The iron method was always hit and miss – sometimes I got lucky, other times not so… Read More »

DIY PCB Cutting tool

Having tried various methods with mixed results, I have found a method that works very well that allows clean, accurate cutting of PCB material. Tin snips caused more damage than good, a scoring tool/craft knife took too long and the end result was always hit and miss besides the risk of slipping and damaging the PCB… Read More »

So it has begun…

Well, the project is in full swing and the reality of the journey ahead has became apparent. The plan this coming weekend is to build the DDS, MMIC amplifiers and Micro controller in to an aluminium enclosure along with all the external I/O connections and time permitting make the finishing touches to the software. Documentation… Read More »