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Improved PCB Manufacture

Having had some inspiration from another Radio HAM, G0SLV, on an improved toner transfer method I invested in a new heat press to make the toner transfer process more successful than previous attempts using a normal household iron. The iron method was always hit and miss – sometimes I got lucky, other times not so… Read More »

DIY PCB Cutting tool

Having tried various methods with mixed results, I have found a method that works very well that allows clean, accurate cutting of PCB material. Tin snips caused more damage than good, a scoring tool/craft knife took too long and the end result was always hit and miss besides the risk of slipping and damaging the PCB… Read More »

So it has begun…

Well, the project is in full swing and the reality of the journey ahead has became apparent. The plan this coming weekend is to build the DDS, MMIC amplifiers and Micro controller in to an aluminium enclosure along with all the external I/O connections and time permitting make the finishing touches to the software. Documentation… Read More »