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Adding AM mode – an after thought

For some reason not yet known I have decided to add an AM receiving mode to the rig, muRata 455KHz 6KHz wide filters are cheap and available so why not? Ok, so I could simply detect the AM with a diode, filter the audio and job done – well having researched various methods I have… Read More »

AD603 Thoughts

Having done some research in to the AD603 which which was drawn to my attention by G6LBQ, I found a supplier who offers free next day delivery – RS Components for the sum of £9.60 each plus VAT. I will put together a breadboard lash up of the AD603 circuit published in the EI9GQ “Building… Read More »

First IF Stage testing and debugging

Following the assembly of the first IF stage PCB I began testing and as expected it did not work. The first set of bugs turned out to be the FET’s were in the wrong way, I placed them according to the legend in my PCB software but the device legend was incorrect – thankfully no… Read More »

Receiver First IF Stage

I started the build of the receiver first IF stage today, etched the PCB, drilled it and started assembly – how quickly 5 hours goes. The most time consuming part for me was the drilling, however this is an art I have mastered by using a magnified lamp and lots of patience. Just need to… Read More »

Transceiver Control Unit

First stages of the control unit for the SSB transceiver are complete, most of the IO is wired to the front panel connectors and some still needs mapping out but this will evolve over the course of the project. For now it is communicating with the DDS unit and serial communication back to the development… Read More »

Homebrew HF/VHF SSB Transceiver Project

Well, here we are – not so creatively titled HF-642 SSB Transceiver. Summary Key Features: Dual conversion receiver. Independent TX/RX stages. IF Shift. RF Gain control IF Gain control DDS Oscillators. RF Speech Processor. Modular design. Through hole/discrete component design (where possible). HF, 50,70 and 144MHz coverage. USB, LSB, FSK441, JT6M and JT65 modes. 100W Transmitter… Read More »