DIY PCB Cutting tool

By | 1st June 2017

Having tried various methods with mixed results, I have found a method that works very well that allows clean, accurate cutting of PCB material.

Tin snips caused more damage than good, a scoring tool/craft knife took too long and the end result was always hit and miss besides the risk of slipping and damaging the PCB was all too common, so I thought about a bench saw – not every workshop has one and I simply don’t have the room in the workshop so I made my own DIY version by clamping a Dremmel tool in a fold away work bench – job done, the pictures below.

DIY PCB Cutting Tool

DIY PCB Cutting Tool

I guess it could benefit from a guide of some sort, I have some scrap aluminium angle bar that I can clamp to the work bench –  easy peasy.


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