HB70 – 70MHz SSB Transceiver update

By | 31st March 2018

Both the receiver and transmitter stages are now complete, apart from the S-Meter driver board which is not really key at this stage.

I can see the finish line and perfect timing for the 2018 Es propagation season – more to follow over the Easter weekend, I might even get some of the boards wired up!

70MHz transmitter stages

70MHz receiver modules

Chassis build – initial Micro controller and display test.

Major setback as the very nice OLED display in the original design is useless inside as radio, the OLED obliterated the RF spectrum and no amount of grounding and shielding helped cure the problem.

So, having a whole weekend of ripping out all of my neat wiring, creating a mounting frame for the replacement LCD display and re-writing the Arduino firmware to cope with the LCD display I have almost got a working transceiver.

On-air tests have been carried out using a coaxial switch to manually change the antenna between TX/RX until I finish the antenna changeover relay board, the S-Meter driver board is etched and drilled just needs assembly and test and finally installed.

Here are a few pictures of my progress, there will be some final touching up of the chassis pain work once all of the electrical wrinkles have been ironed out.


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