Mike Stott G0NEE

By | 22nd September 2018
Mike Stott G0NEE

Mike Stott G0NEE

It is with deep sadness I write this note to say that Mike Stott, G0NEE has passed away.
Mike tutored me and several friends back in 1997/98 through the NRAE course and supported us through the exam, he was both a great mentor and a genuinely funny guy who made Amateur Radio both interesting and fun.

I recall a memory from my youth, 16 years old and pirating on 27Mhz SSB we discovered these affordable 70CM hand-held radio’s – Poky Toky, the cheapest in the market at the time and me and Paul, can’t remember his callsign but we arranged a sked on GB3NT and, not holding a licence of course, had a quick exchange to check the things were working and publicly announced “ok mate QSY back to channel 31 CB”.

When we went to the club the following week to do our NRAE course, suffice to say Mike Stott got a hold of us and made sure we didn’t repeat that mistake – oh how I laugh about it now but at the time I thought I was going to prison! :lol:

Anyway, another great Amateur lost and a brilliant teacher – 73 OM.

Rob, 2E1IIP.

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