Time for reflection

By | 30th October 2017

Sitting in Newcastle airport for my business trip to Ireland writing this article reflecting on what I have achieved so far with the homebrew SSB transceiver, so much inspiration from other like-minded HAM’s around the world such as Pete Juliano N6QW, Andy G6LBQ, Dave G4AON to name but a few – I could go on all day name dropping however my point is without the sharing of information, collaboration and articles published on the internet I fear projects such as the one I am working on would be far more difficult.

I am no design engineer, I have an electronics background and been involved with electronics from a young age but no expert – even in my professional discipline, software engineering, I am constantly learning new tricks. One thing I have noticed is my lack of thirst for the latest Icom and Yaesu black box, I strongly feel that the future for my HAM radio hobby lies firmly in design and construction, I feel a great sense of achievement and excitement when I take an idea and turn in into a PCB that actually does something meaningful in the physical world –  I am not in any way interested in ready rolled commercial gear, that said if you want to donate an Icom 7300 free of charge I certainly won’t refuse  – it will make a great test rig to support my projects 😉

So now the receiver is complete, I have started to build the chassis to house all of the modules and as the receiver is the most complex part with the highest component count it felt like the right thing to do at this stage in the game.

I can see the finish line, the point where I pick the microphone up and call CQ however I won’t fool myself as the end is far away.

A few images of where I am now – ignore the raggy display cutouts, best I could do with a hand file drill – besides they will not be visible once the overlay window goes on.that stage is a long way off so for now I will remain focused on the next steps – finish the chassis and enclosure metal bashing, mount the receiver components and test. Then, I will start the transmit strip modules, CAD drawing, prototyping, testing and final assembly.

Watch this space, once I have a working transceiver I will publish the whole project as a featured article on this web site, hopefully make a small contribution to a commonly overlooked branch of our wonderful pastime.


Front panel with overlay panel

Front panel with overlay panel alt view

Front panel bare






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